How to style a kitchen supper table with vintage pieces this spring!


Here are some top-line tips on planning tables using vintage pieces....


Creating a special table setting for a relaxed supper with family and friends, is all about creating a fun and memorable table that has a touch of your individuality and style.  Use vintage linen, table and glassware and layer textures, patterns and colours to bring your chosen theme to life! 

Top tips for table inspiration this spring:

1) A good starting point when planning a table is with colour!  Choose a colour that works with the room you'll be eating in - it can be inspired by seasonal flowers for the table, a favourite tablecloth or by the vintage china you've collected ...

 2) Don't worry about items for your table being from different eras, or whether they're vintage or antique - the colour scheme will pull it all together!  Add a few elements of brass or copper too, these bring a subtle shine to the finished look.

 3) When using vintage and antiques, don't try and make everything match - in fact 'pick and mix' plates are fun and people like individual ones - just keep the colour palette consistent... plus one stronger pop of colour to compliment the main colour.

 4) Along the middle of the table there's room to place decorative items, floral arrangements and candles - height is a good thing to consider - a centrepiece anchors the whole scheme, this can be an unusual serving dish, platter or soupier/casserole dish.  

5) Keep taller floral arrangements towards each end of the table and use lower level elements such as posy jars or mini vases, or even a flower brick, so that your floral decorations don't block people's views of each other and interrupt the flow of the conversation.

6) Serve water at the table in an unusual or novelty jug - it makes a great talking point - add a fun jug such as a fish gluggle jug which glugs as you pour!

7) Combine elements of clear and coloured glass in addition to your drinking glasses.  These lighten the look of the table and create sparkle and colour with the light.

8) Candles should be varied and spaced down the table to ensure everyone has enough light - they also create a cosy atmosphere.  Use candlesticks, and tea lights to vary the levels along the table - its much prettier than one uniform height.

9) Serving dishes should be varied too as it creates drama as you bring different courses to the table, so use a raised pedestal dish for fruit, cheese and textural baskets for bread and rolls.

10) Napkins can be tied with simple ribbon or rustic string and a sprig of rosemary popped in to add natural touch. 

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