'Tis the season .... for finding the most original and desirable gift!

No, don't worry, we've got a few more months before we need to even start considering THAT season, however, with lockdown easing, happily weddings are back on the social schedule and the challenge of finding the perfect gift for the happy couple is on!

There is a certain kudos in finding a true one-off, desirable gift, but historically the search can be painful. It's hard not to be deeply scarred by Hugh Grant's character, Charles's toe-curling experience of shopping for a wedding present in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral.... a pygmy warrior anyone?

We all aim to do our bit to save the planet, the war on plastic, recycling with a conscience, considering air miles and embracing electric cars... but doesn't it sometimes feel like a bit of an uphill battle? However, when shopping for wedding gifts, or even finding something for the person who has everything (we all know at least one of these...), where should we start?

There is a solution! Here at Vintage Pieces we suggest you do it differently in 2021 and discover online antique and vintage presents via specialist platforms like Hoarde Vintage for inspiration as the selection of gift-perfect items is extensive!

Ethical and alternative gift lists have been around for a while, however, discovering a specialist online antique and vintage platform can open up a whole new world of alternatives in terms of finding beautiful presents, whilst doing your bit to help save the planet. From a wide range of furniture, decorative pieces for interiors, modern or more classical art, mid-century sculpture, bronzes, textiles, silver treasures, ceramics and striking glass pieces, online dealers stock the best that you can find in terms of quality and craftsmanship - and these make delightful and thoughtful wedding gifts and there are pieces to suit all budgets.

Rather than buy from high street retailers where items may not stand the test of time and couples could end up with two identical presents, you can invest in one-off pieces. These will not impact on the planet and were created in many cases before the age of mass production - at a time when quality was paramount and the highest standards were observed. With such a wonderful selection, you can be sure of finding some unique and beautiful pieces that will go towards building layers of interest and texture in the newly-weds' home, creating an interesting and eclectic interior.

In addition, dealers are engaging and insightful individuals who are passionate about helping new generations of customers appreciate the world of vintage and antiques. They are also the owners of independent businesses who source their stock from private, reputable suppliers so you are also supporting local businesses and communities. The highest standards are reflected in the quality of stock offered, everything from mid-century to several hundreds of years old and if you discover a local vintage or antiques shop, do go and take a look. In the meantime, start browsing now as shopping can all be done on-line and your choice of gift will be delivered to your door - or in some cases, can even be sent direct to the recipients.Vintage and antique online platforms are a modern part of the solution in choosing an inspired, one-off gift for weddings, special occasions and significant birthdays - even Christening gifts can be found.  Take a look at Vintage Pieces - The Hoarde Vintage Collection or use the search tool if there is something specific you are looking for.

Stop Press...  we can exclusively reveal that the Hoarde Vintage has an announcement regarding the search for the perfect gift... watch this space!