What's Hot in Interiors - Julia Alexander talks to Hoarde Vintage GOTG

I write this hot on the heels of watching the first of Hoarde Vintage's series of ‘Finders Forecast’ in vintage and antique interiors - a ‘Live’ on Instagram featuring Sam and Tamara from Girls On The Ground (GOTG), with guest Julia Alexander Interiors. I am Justine Smiley, owner of Vintage Pieces and have recently joined Hoarde Vintage.

What are GOTG?  Well, they are latest initiative of Jane Walton, owner of Hoarde Vintage to help clients have an immersive view into the world of Vintage and Antiques. GOTG, which includes Jane trailing the real stars, Sam and Tamara, will be visiting fairs and other events, speaking with dealers, designers and showing you items for sale at these fabulous and varied feasts for the eyes. Sam  and Tamara are jointly on the HV as @yourantique.sourcingstudio are themselves vintage dealers, Instagram influencers, stylist to private clients and, as the name suggests, act as agents for sourcing pieces for interior designers projects.

The first GOTG took place at Ardingly Antiques Fair on 20th April and the Instagram Live with Julia, which you can view here, was held the night before, along with the usual Instagram hiccups!

This was the first in a series of HV regular monthly chats with a top interior designer or dealer to highlight what is on trend in interiors and gardens - giving us the heads up on the interior furniture, art and accessories that are in demand in 2021.

These Instagram Lives perfectly compliment both of Jane's Marketplace websites, the Hoarde Vintage and the Decorative Collective, and they hope to chat and introduce you to dealers from both websites going forwards. Look out for the pop up Lives or IGTV's on both Instagram accounts.

Julia Alexander, with her extensive experience and range of clients, gives a fascinating insight into current client requests and key items that are sought after right now, including flexible furniture - versatile pieces such as pull out desks, folding tables, little stools and chairs that can be put away easily, plus room dividers. She also mentions how in vogue certain paintings are with her clients. These pieces have become popular during lockdown and this trend continues as people use their homes in new and varied ways.

At the same time, soft furnishings have a more organic form with curves rather then geometric designs enjoying a revival - a strong look from the 1970s. In living spaces this retro feel is enhanced by feature chairs such as Bentwood Thonet pieces which emulate nature with their sweeping lines. Pops of '70s prints and hot colours add energy to this style and mid century nostalgia is translated for the 2020's taking on a fresh and modern look.

Art is reflecting the natural world too, bringing the positive therapeutic effect of nature into our interiors through calming and tranquil landscape paintings. Simple styles, clean and neutral modernist and abstract landscapes are proving popular.

House plants have seen a revival too, and also the use of vases, jugs and larger over-sized floor urns and pots for displaying flowers, foraged grasses, blossoms and dried structural plants. Vases come in many shapes and sizes and the natural, rustic and earthy tones of faded terracotta are a strong look.  In contrast elegant styles of the last century, known for their simplicity, continue to enjoy popularity - the Constance Spry inspired mantle vases remain the height of vintage chic.

The good news is that now more then ever, interiors are being designed and curated with a layered mix of vintage and antique pieces alongside new furniture and decorative items which allows an eclectic and personal style to shine through, ensuring we can enjoy our homes more then ever whilst keeping a clean green conscience!

Justine, Vintage Pieces